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CORE Fitness specializes in strengthening the body from within. CORE offers a variety of classes that are based on the "muscle confusion" principle. (Using a variety of sets, repetitions, exercises, volume, rest periods, and other elements to help boost intensity levels. The main goal of this principle is to keep the body and muscles from adapting to exercise stimuli. By frequently changing a training routine, the muscles avoid exercise adaptation and become "confused".) Each class will have a new twist and new set of exercises so the body never knows what to expect. The creation of muscle confusion will allow your body to continually burn calories long after your session and will always challenge you. There is no need to "be fit" to attend our classes, as each is designed for all levels of fitness.

Our diverse classes incorporate the CrossCore rotational bodyweight suspension trainers, kettle bells, light weights, medicine balls and weighted jump ropes. These are all used in a variety of ways for CORE strengthening movements in an interval training technique. Interval training is based on your own level and speed, allowing both intermediate and advanced clients to attend the same sessions.

A strong CORE is essential in your every day life and will allow your body to handle the physical demands you put on it as well as allowing you to burn more calories on a daily basis. Our classes will introduce the body to transverse plane movements: torso rotation. Twisting the trunk from the hips separates movement from the top and bottom halves of the body, such as putting away groceries, picking up your child or raking the yard. Effectively performing these exercises will strengthen your CORE and cause your body to burn more calories during your day to day activities.

Leave everything you have learned about working out at home and allow yourself to focus on each interval session. Experience the joy of simply showing up for one hour and not having to think, just DO! Each class is instructed with high energy and very motivating certified trainers who will teach proper form and ways to modify each movement for individual physical needs and fitness levels.

Our trainers have taken years of combined body building, aerobics and strength training experience and incorporated it into our classes. Come experience CORE and have fun with others while strengthening your body and mind.
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